Tips on Having the Best Yard Sale Ever!

ImageThe garage sale is a great way to jump-start your Baby Steps and get your beginner emergency fund going.But there is more that goes into it than just placing stuff in your driveway and waiting for the buyers to show up. Frugal Dad has it covered. Here are some of his tips for getting ready to sell your old stuff:

  1. Schedule a yard sale around the first of the month. This is right around paycheck time for just about everyone who receives a monthly or twice-a-month check.
  2. Check the 10-day forecast. Make sure to keep an eye on it so you don’t schedule a sale when it’s rainy and no one will be out.
  3. Check out free advertising sources. Some of them include credit union bulletins, community websites or even Craigslist.
  4. Piggyback on neighboring sales. Check the newspaper and find out where other sales near your house are going to be. Go to the ends of those streets and post a “Yard Sale” sign there pointing to your house. People who are leaving other sales (and are in the buying spirit) will then know to head to your digs.
  5. Sell kids or baby clothing from a big box or plastic bin. Based on the clothing, set a price for the entire bin (such as 25 cents per item). This will get people looking through the bin, which increases the odds they’ll buy more.
  6. Have a lot of change on hand. A good figure is $50 in quarters, ones and fives. Always have someone keeping an eye on the money. Even better, keep it out of sight and access it only when needed.

Bonus tips

  1. Talk with your family about what can be sold so that no heirlooms are handed over. But let’s be clear: When it comes time to sell the boat or motorcycle to get out of debt, that’s not sentimental. Sell it and be free of the payment.
  2. The day of the sale, set up for success. Make sure the lawn is cut. Keep pets inside so they don’t distract buyers. Organize items by type and clearly mark prices. You’ll attract more buyers with a yard sale that looks neat and prepared.
  3. Don’t forget the guys! Yard sale shoppers are usually women, so put things like video games, TVs or power tools near the street to attract attention from the men.
  4. Don’t trash talk your stuff. In addition to making a bad impression on the customer, it will cost you money. Who would pay full price for an item that the owners themselves obviously don’t like?

Source: Dave Ramsey Newsletter


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