Waste Not, Want Not

I am always stunned by the amount of food my family throws away. I am the person in our house that does the grocery shopping and I go each week with great intentions on making fabulous meals for my family. I start out with what seem like realistic goals of 3-4 home cooked meals a week but somehow I seem to miss my mark most weeks. Don’t get me wrong, my family is not surviving off hot dogs and McDonalds (for the most part), but when I look in the fridge each Monday night before Tuesday’s trash day I’m usually saddened and disappointed in myself for what needs to go in the trash.

Recently though I discovered something that has changed my life considerably and that’s Schwan’s Food Delivery service. Albeit it costs a bit more than buying my grocery items a la carte,  everything comes frozen and already prepared. For me this is a life saver because now at 5pm when it occurs to me that my children will need to eat in an hour I have options to serve them. And not only is Schwan’s convenient, but from what I am gathering the meals are pretty healthy. Score one for mom!

*** If you are interested in trying Schwan’s out give me a holler. I can refer you and get us both some free stuff!


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