School’s Back in Session, What Does that Mean for Real Estate

Most everyone realizes that the hottest time in real estate is in the spring. The whole feeling of spring is about change and fresh starts and many people get fired up this time of year to start their house hunting. As spring turns into summer the market stays hot, but many people are winding down their search as the start of school approaches, wanting their children to be settled in by the time school starts.

Does this mean that when this time of year comes around that the selling season is over. In one word – NO! People are buying homes all year long and we are fortunate to live in a part of the country where jobs are plentiful, the weather is great, and home prices are very reasonable.

So, how do you get your home to sell during at time that is typically “winding down” in home sales? Here are a few tips:

1) Stage it. Although you love your wine & grape themed dining room it might not appeal to every buyer. Let a professional that knows how to prepare your home to appeal to the broadest audience help you get your house ready for sale. I know, it sounds expensive, right? Not really. For just $275 I have a home staging professional that will spend two hours with you in your home making suggestions and providing a detailed list to make your home as marketable as possible.

2) Clean it. Nothing appeals to a buyer more than a big shiny white tub that they can imagine soaking their troubles away in and nothing turns them off more than seeing mildew around the edges. Invest the time and maybe even money in hiring professionals to give your house a good cleaning before you list. Don’t forget the outside too. A good power washing can make a house look years newer.

3) PRICE IT RIGHT. While at my listing appointments I always ask the potential sellers if they want to list their house or sell their house. Usually they sit there a bit confused about the question, but I like to ask it to open the doorway to discuss the difference between the two. We can list a house for years and never sell it, but I am in the business of selling homes so I find it to be my duty to provide all sellers with the facts. Sometimes the facts are not what a seller wants to hear, but I would rather be honest up front about the value of a home than spend month upon month with unhappy clients because their home is not selling. So pricing a house correctly from day one is important to selling a home in a timely manner.

There is a buyer for every home. What the the seller and myself need to do as a team is to determine how to present the house in the best light, how to overcome any objections that a buyer might have with the home, and we must price the home fairly to sell. When all of these items are taken care of we can sell a house at any time of the year!


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