Is Eating Out on Thanksgiving a Sin?


No one has ever accused me of being a great cook. It’s a shame really because I would love to cook meals with words like “braised” and “julienned” in the title, but I just don’t see that ever happening. So when a holiday such as Thanksgiving rolls around people like me start to have heart palpitations over preparing a proper feast.

I am fortunate that I am surrounded by great cooks and the pressure is usually off me to prepare anything elaborate other than a dessert or “side” dish, but a gal once in her life should prepare a Thanksgiving feast for her children so they can at least say, “remember that one time when mom made Thanksgiving dinner”.


So this week I set off to dig up recipes from places like Pinterest, AllRecipes and yes even I was feeling pretty confident that I had selected a pretty well rounded menu until this morning when I started breaking down the shopping list. Fresh fennel? All spice? Tarragon? I started thinking that I am way out of my league here and rather than screw up what could be a fine holiday of eating, catching up and watching foodball we would eat out.

Let me tell you how this announcement went over with my family. Does a chicken wire canoe float? No, well neither did this idea. I tried to give the excuse that the cook spends hours in the kitchen for the guests to clean their plates in 20 minutes and how that just wasn’t fair. Still no budging.  I finally broke through to them when I started to read the list of ingredients for some of the dishes I was considering preparing.

There has always been a running joke in my family that if a recipe has more than five ingredients that it was above my skill level. So when selecting my menu I quickly figured out that the more ingredients in the recipe that less of a chance I had on pulling off the success. When I started reading my proposed menu to my family you could see the fear come across their face. My plan worked perfectly. I will be booking a reservation today!!

If you are ‘recipe challenged’ such as me, here are a list of restaurants offering tasty Thanksgiving menus!



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