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Go Outside and Play NOW

We were looking for something to do today since the kids had off school and the weather is gorgeous. I had been hearing about a new play place near 40/42 called Go Outside and Play Now and we decided to check it out. It was about a 15 minute drive from my house in Garner, … Continue reading

Garner grows up along North Carolina Railroad

Long before American Idol singing champion Scotty McCreery put Garner, N.C. on the map, the little railroad town was the dear home to the Wake County residents who grew up keeping time by the train whistle, skipping along the rail corridor to go to church and school, and passing time counting box cars.Today, Garner is … Continue reading

The 15 Money Rules Kids Should Learn

It’s a simple calculus, kids and money: From birth until college graduation, children consume dollars like they’re chicken nuggets. For those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, that puts unrelenting pressure on the family pocketbook. The financial demands of raising a child require that money you otherwise might use to prepare for retirement, or to … Continue reading

America’s 10 Richest Zip Codes

Where will you likely find yourself the poorest person in town? There are places where even a well-to-do household, by normal standards, would have a hard time keeping up with the Joneses. More from  » America’s America’s 50 Best Cities» World’s Most Expensive Cities 2011» Cities With the Best Quality of Life 2011 To identify the 50 … Continue reading

Tips for Winterizing Your Home

“I have to get my home ready for winter? What? How in the world am I supposed to do that?” Those were the thoughts that went through my mind when I read the article on Better Homes and Gardens a few days ago. I have spent my entire adult life in sunny Florida and this … Continue reading